Hey Mama,

You’ve noticed that there’s a lot of Halloween candy out there, loaded with BAD SUGAR. Thus, we offer choices without taking away your kids’ Halloween fun! AND you will feel the relief with our thoughtful, healthy treats. ARE YOU IN?… If so, please click on the link below.


This Halloween, when the “Candy Fairy” visits your house after trick-or-treating, let’s switch out the majority of candy, for a fun bag of non-candy, kid-approved treats! Here’s why…  

Dye Sensitivities

Many kids are sensitive to food dyes and it is tough to avoid them in most types of candy.


Too Much Sugar

With high rates of health problems, especially among youth, we’ve become mindful about our kids’ sugar consumption.


Candy and sugary snacks are not good for teeth and can stick to braces. 


Easier on Parents

When you have our non-candy Halloween treats, you will be saved from the trouble of checking for anything harmful in the treats.


Fun Healthy Halloween

Mission Of The Project

Even though Halloween-time is such a fun season, it is also an unhealthy one. Halloween has become synonymous with candy. While a few pieces don’t hurt, candy tends to be everywhere for the next few weeks and it just overloads us – and our kids with processed added sugar. 

Now, we are providing some fun healthy alternatives to share with your loved ones.


About Us

Our Family

We’re dedicated to create awareness in health & wellness and support individuals to make healthy choices for their families through our products and projects.

Our Healthy Treats

This popcorn made with good fats and some super powders, so it turned into a worthwhile treat with ultimate wellness experience for you and your kids. Ingredients: organic popcorn kernels, coconut oil, blue majik powder, sea salt.


A healthier version of these Gingerbread Cookies made with whole grain sprouted spelt flour, coconut sugar and maple syrup. Other ingredients: ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, organic egg, grass-fed ghee.  

This homemade Jello is a real healthy snack. It’s delicious and unlike nasty commercial versions, contains only healthy ingredients: freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juice, organic grass-fed beef gelatine, hibiscus powder for vitamin boost.

Crisp apples covered with homemade chocolate are fun for the whole family! Ingredients: raw cacao paste, coconut oil, pure unprocessed honey, topped with coconut flakes.

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